Why Aren’t My Solar Panels Working Right?

If you already have solar power feeding your home, congratulations. You’ve invested in a resource that, over the long-term, will likely save on your electric bills. You’ll also be doing your part as we all try to help the environment by relying more on clean sources of energy like the sun.

However, there may be times when your panels aren’t delivering as expected. Maybe your panels are newly installed but aren’t performing as well as promised. Perhaps you’ve had the system for a while and now you’ve noticed a drop-off.

How to know your solar panels aren’t working

Many homeowners will decide they have a problem after looking at their electric bill. However, this is unreliable. For one thing, your photovoltaic system may be working fine, but a combination of weather and your energy usage will factor into how much excess energy you are given credit for by your electric company. Also keep in mind that your bill won’t tell you how much your system generated for use in your home.

Some more accurate signs of a faulty system include:

  • An orange or red light on your inverter
  • The kilowatt hours on your solar meter aren’t increasing
  • Cracks in the solar panels. This will negatively impact their ability to generate power.

What causes solar panels to stop working effectively?

Besides panels that have been physically damaged, here are some factors that may cause panels to underperform:

  • Dirty panels. In Florida, we got a lot of rain to wash away the dirt and grime that can build up on panels. But there are those dry spells we go through now and then, especially during the winter months. In a short amount of time, things like pollen, leaves, pine needles, and sap can cover the panels and prevent them from working effectively.
  • Cloudy days. If the sun’s rays are being partially blocked, don’t expect your system to work at peak performance.
  • The angle of your panels. A professional should have installed your panels so that they receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. Poor installation may explain the lack of power.

If you suspect one or more of these to be an issue, or you think your system’s performance has fallen well below what it had been generating, please let us now.

Call Florida Solar for a free inspection of your system

Your solar energy system will never be 100% efficient. But if it’s performing well below what you were promised or should reasonably expect, it’s time for an inspection.

If you can tell that your solar panels are dirty, don’t try to clean them yourself. This is a delicate process and you may end up causing more damage.

Also, if you’re not sure your inverter if working right, contact us now at Florida Solar to discuss your repair options. We can provide you a full inspection of your system to put your mind at ease. We’ll also clean your panels and restore them to proper operating condition.

For those of you who are current Florida Solar customers, have you had your yearly checkup? Even if your system is working perfectly – and we expect it will be! – an annual inspection is the best way to ensure it stays that way.

Contact us online or call us at 727-877-3175. Our experts are available to listen to your concerns and schedule a time to inspect your system and put your mind at ease.