What Goes Into a Custom Solar System Design?

When you’re entertaining the idea of adding solar power to your home, keep this in mind: Each system design is based on a variety of factors. Those factors typically include:

  • Your home’s location
  • The physical design of the home
  • Your energy usage

This is why solar-energy systems are tailored to the home and those who live there. You may have energy needs that exceed those of your neighbors. You might also be planning to add on rooms to your home, in which case a consultant will need to factor that into the design of your home’s system.

Then there are budget considerations. You’ll want to know what a system at a certain level of capability would cost to design and install. Keep in mind that this is a great time take advantage of the federal solar tax credit of 26% through 2022.

Elements of a custom solar system design

After contacting a solar energy system installer, these are the steps you can expect them to take:

  • Assessment. During this early stage, a certified professional will perform their due diligence to see whether a solar-powered system is right for you. This is also where they will determine how it will best be installed.
  • Design of the system. This includes understanding how much power you use, the pitch of your roof, and its access to sunlight. These influence elements like the number of panels you need to provide the power for your energy usage. Whether you have other power sources will determine how many batteries you need for power storage and the best place to install them.

Think of a battery hub as a generator that powers your home. The solar charge controllers relay the power from the panels to the battery bank. The inverter will then convert direct current (DC) to alternative current (AC). The size of the battery is determined by the size of your house as well as the amount of electricity that you use (which will be affected by your light and appliance usage, and whether you have a pool/hot tub). Your custom designer will know the right type of each component for you to generate adequate power.

There are other elements that need to be planned for and installed, but this gives you an overview of the major parts of the design portion of your project.

Let’s discuss your solar energy system

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