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What Are Your Solar Financing Options?

The immediate and long-term financial benefits of switching to solar power make these renewable energy systems a great investment, but they can be a sizable upfront cost. There are three primary ways to pay for solar:

To own your solar panel system outright and benefit from any rebates and financial incentives, paying with cash or a loan is the preferred method.

Comparing Solar Loans

The average solar panel system, including installation, can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000, according to the Center for Sustainable Energy. Though many are able to recoup this in savings after about 7-8 years, the initial upfront cost leads many homeowners to look for solar loans to help.

Solar loans can be acquired through local and national banks, specialty lenders, manufacturers, and credit unions. Considerations to keep in mind include:

Making the Switch to Solar


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How does Florida Solar compare to other solar companies?

Download our article on the differences to learn more and make the best decision when it comes to installing solar for your home.

Which Solar Financing Option Is Best for You?

The best solar financing option for you will largely depend on your financial situation. If you, like most people, are looking for a monthly financing option, shopping around for multiple quotes to find the one that works for you would be best.

To make things easier for you, Florida Solar has partnered with a lender allowing us to provide homeowners with the best financing terms in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas.

Save More with Florida Solar – No Money Down Solar Energy Systems that Cost 25% Less Than Competitors

Our preferred lender protects homeowners by performing extensive research on the Contractor’s State License Board (CSLB) to ensure their business partners (like Florida Solar) are reputable companies that are license, bonded, and insured.

Their commitment to homeowners and the environment is what Florida Solar values. 100% of your investment will fund clean energy technologies and infrastructure that combat the global climate crisis – a mission Florida Solar is clearly passionate about as well.

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