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Solar Repairs & Maintenance

You’re thinking about going solar. Maybe you’ve made your mind up, and are looking for the right partner to realize your vision.

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Florida Solar Maintenance Does It All

Our solar maintenance checkups are an easy way to ensure your solar energy system functions dependably and at a high level.

The company you work with will affect your finances and be reflected in the quality of the products they install. Go with someone that deals in cheaper solar energy systems, and you can be pretty sure they’ll need repairs sooner than a high-quality product.  

You also have to know that your installer will stand behind their work by being there whenever the system needs repairs. When you work with Florida Solar, you can be assured you’re getting a great system backed by a comprehensive and affordable maintenance package.

Hybrid Solar Pool Heat on Roof

Trusted Vendors

We provide solar maintenance services for all manufacturers. We are an authorized warranty station for several companies.

Repairs & Maintenance with Florida Solar

Our certified, trained experts are here to help.

Our certified and trained experts also look at the details that support a long-lasting system, including:

  • Wiring 
  • Sensors
  • Binding straps for rooftop panels
  • Threaded fittings
  • Stainless clamps

Remember that prevention is the best pathway to a long-lasting system, and there’s no team better to trust it to than the experts at Florida Solar.

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Can’t I do the repairs myself?

You could try to do DIY solar repairs, but you’d soon discover you’re going to cause more damage and lose considerable amounts of time and money.

Much better to keep an eye on your systems and just keep an eye out for a loss in performance. Then give us a call.

Solar Panel Repairs

Our experts will come out, assess the situation, and take the best course of action.

A well-installed solar panel will last for many years. You generally don’t have to worry about the elements damaging the panels.

But when systems get to a certain age, the tubes within them can be compromised. As a heat pump moves water to the roof, those faulty tubes can fail and you’ll see pool water on the roof.

Florida Solar Panels
Solar system solar panels

Solar Energy System Repairs

We stand behind our work and are dedicated to making sure the system we installed are working as intended.

We can take care of all the electrical components in your solar energy system, including:

  • The actuators that ensure your panels are capturing the sun’s rays throughout the day
  • The electronics that drive solar pool heating, hot water, and solar electric
  • The sensors that keep the water in your tank heating up reliably and to the right temperature
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Pool Solar Repairs

Solar isn’t the only thing we can help you with.

Pump manufacturers of good reputation will do their own repairs. But you can also rely on Florida Solar to give you accurate advice on whether a system is worth fixing or replacing.

And as noted above, we can fix the solar panels you rely on to heat your pool water.

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Trust Florida Solar for the fast, accurate service that will keep your solar energy system in top operating condition.