Variable Speed Pool Pump

The best energy savings and performance.

What is a Variable
Speed Pool Pump?

The Variable Speed Pool Pump system is the first to automatically adjust to changes in flow conditions maintaining its programmed flow rate throughout the entire filtration cycle.

Pool pumps keep your water circulating so that your pool is always safe to enjoy. By moving the water through the filtration system, you prevent bacteria and algae from growing. Variable speed pool pumps work only at the necessary levels to maintain this process, and they do so much more efficiently than their single-speed counterparts. This translates into big savings on your energy costs.

They also last longer than single-speed pool pumps and are quieter because they’re not working as hard. You could run a variable speed pump 24 hours a day without spending any more on energy bills than you would with a single-speed variety that runs just eight hours daily.

Set Your Pool to Auto-Pilot

What makes the variable speed model so attractive is not having to run it on a constant basis.

It’s worth noting that as of July 19, 2021, newly manufactured pool pumps must meet the Department of Energy’s new energy efficiency standards. Variable-speed models can meet these requirements.

On this page, you’ll find some other major benefits of variable speed pool pumps. You can also explore this ENERGY STAR fact sheet on the benefits of variable speed technology. Need more information? Check out this explainer on best practices for using your pool pump, and why a smaller, more efficient model is better for your pool enjoyment and your wallet.

Advantages to a Variable Speed Pool Pump

Energy Efficiency

Variable speed pumps can use between 50% to 75% less energy than traditional single-speed motors and get the same job done.


Variable speed motors are totally enclosed and fan-cooled. The enclosed design protects the internal components of the variable speed motors from environmental elements.

REmote Monitoring

Easily connect your Variable Speed Pool pump to your home’s wireless network and the pump can be controlled from any smart mobile device. Pool owners can program, monitor and adjust settings anytime, anywhere.

Quiet Operation

The Variable Speed motors are totally enclosed so this means that most of the noise generated is muffled. While operating at any speed, it’s hard to tell if the motor is running.

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