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How Do I Prepare My Solar Panels for a Hurricane?

How Do I Prepare My Solar Panels for a Hurricane?   We’re in the thick of hurricane season, and with it comes every Floridian’s annual tradition of planning and preparation. We’re keeping an eye on the tracking forecasts and making sure we’ve prepared our hurricane kits and plans for evacuation. If you’re also considering adding

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Home Pool with Automation

Three Benefits of Pool Automation Systems

You live in Florida, one of the best states in our country. You own your home and you have a pool. And owning a pool, one of our cherished luxuries, should not be a hassle. The maintenance alone can be a time-consuming routine. It takes time to clean your pool and add the right balance

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Solar Energy System Miniature Model

How to Estimate Your Savings When Switching to Solar

When we invest in something – a home, a car, a new appliance — we expect a return that we can quantify in financial and intangible terms. With that in mind, for this article we think it appropriate to offer a clear explanation of one of the homeowner investments that can deliver big returns: solar

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Hybrid Hot Water Heater Image

Benefits of Hybrid Hot Water Heaters

The water heater is likely the most important appliance in your home. It makes it possible to clean your dishes properly, do your laundry, and heat the water to a comfortable temperature when bathing and showering. But standard water heaters are also among the most inefficient appliances. They account for an average of 18 percent

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House Keys Laying On Pile Of Money

Do Solar Panels Boost Your Home’s Value? – YES!

Do Solar Panels Boost Your Home’s Value? – YES!   Your home’s value is a critical part of your financial well-being. You expect to reap significant rewards from the amount you invested – possibly to sell the home, and possibly to keep it in the family. That’s why you take care of your house. It’s

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Florida Solar Panels

How Solar Panels Lower Your Energy Bills

How Solar Panels Lower Your Energy Bills Few places have as much to offer as Florida: the beaches, the sunshine, and the warm weather among them. When the rest of the country is shoveling snow, we’re often wearing shorts and enjoying one of our many iconic theme parks or spending time outdoors. But there’s a

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