Is Your Solar Quote Too Good to Be True?

You’ve probably gotten the knock on your door. A salesperson is going from house to house in your neighborhood, eager to tell residents about the benefits of solar power for your home. On that point, they are correct. You invite them in to discuss, and they’re ready to sell you a system. The price quote seems more than reasonable, so how can you say no?

Below, we offer some advice for spotting signs that a low quote is not going to yield the results you want or should expect.

How to tell if a quote is too low

Here are some issues to consider if a quote seems too good to be true:

  • Is the installer reputable? A salesperson can talk a good game; that doesn’t mean the company he or she represents does quality work. Ask to see reviews from their customers. Also insist on seeing proof that the company is licensed, bonded, and insured. You should also insist on talking to the team who will do the installation so that you can ask detailed questions. 
  • Is the sales rep or the installer pushy? A very low price is likely a red flag, one that should alert you that the company does fast, shoddy work. Also be aware of pressure to sign a contract immediately. That’s a sign that they are desperate for customers and will do anything to separate you from your money.
  • Ask what brand of equipment they install. Just a little bit of research will reveal the highest quality solar brands, and which ones are one or two levels below that. Besides solar panels, companies install inverters, rack systems, and batteries. If they don’t deal in top brands, you know why the quote is low. Look elsewhere.
  • Ask to see the price per watt. When you’re comparing installers, their proposals should include the price of the system and its size in watts. The lowest price per watt is the one to stay away from.
  • Beware of unrealistic power production estimates. If a salesperson promises the moon, it’s likely they’re hiding something. Ask about all the factors – like shade, changes in weather – they can negatively affect the output of your system.
  • Look at the system design. This will show you where the installer intends to place the equipment and where they will run the wires. When you compare with other companies, you’ll know whether any of them are cutting corners with the installation in order to get the price down and finish the job sooner.
  • Pay attention to the financing. Some finance companies that work with solar installers will charge you a high fee – often called “points” – just so you can get the loan. Consider it your cost to get the credit. 

Beware of predatory practices that use this to substantially increase the cost of your new solar panel system. At Florida Solar, we have access to financing terms that are available to only the most highly qualified solar panel installers. We can bring you special financing that no one else can. 

Bottom line: Do your due diligence when it comes to spending your hard-earned money. Hire the company that works with the top brands, has the credentials and experience to do the job, and the endorsement of many customers.

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