Why the Omni-Swim® Is the Right Heat Pump for Your Pool

For pool owners, heat pumps are valuable because they allow us to enjoy our pools at the temperatures we prefer. While temperature might not always be an issue in the summer, it can affect our enjoyment more often during the fall, winter, and even the spring seasons. Heating your pool water may also be necessary beyond a personal preference. For example, you may need warm water for therapeutic reasons. Being in a heated swimming pool can:

  • Improve your blood circulation
  • Relax your sore muscles
  • Allow you to swim at night, when the temperature drop. This is another reason why heated pools are valuable even during the summer months.

In this article, we’ll look at the difference between a regular pool heat pump and the Omni-Swim® system, and why we think the latter is the right choice for your pool, enjoyment, and finances. 

Omni-Swim vs. a heat pump

Regular heat pumps that we’re all familiar with work by drawing heat from the outside air, transforming it into a hot gas, and then pumping that gas and the pool water through a heat exchanger at the same time. The water is heated by the gas by a few degrees each time and flows back into the pool. You get comfortable swimming and relaxation!

There are energy efficient heat pumps on the market, but they don’t reach the efficiency levels of their solar-compatible counterparts. 

Another downside: They aren’t compatible with a solar system. 

The Omni-Swim also heats pool water by transferring the warmth in the air. In contrast to standard heat pumps, however, the Omni-Swim is much more energy efficient. One of the main reasons for this efficiency is that it can be integrated into a solar power system. It’s a better choice because it allows you to enjoy the benefits of solar while also being:

  • Environmentally friendly. The sun’s energy is free and clean.
  • Convenient. Solar pool heat allows you to extend your swimming season – and swimming times – to all year round.
  • Dependable. Today’s solar heating systems are made out of reliable materials. This enables them to deliver consistent and excellent heating to your pool. 

We love the Omni-Swim because of its versatility, and we know you will too. It can deliver the power you need from each of these sources:

  • Direct solar thermal. The Omni-Swim will preheat your pool or spa via solar panels connected to the system. This will reduce the solar heat pump’s run time, saving you on energy costs.
  • Indirect solar thermal. The Omni-Swim can transfer the heat of the air to your pool.
  • Solar electric. Already have a home powered by solar electric? The Omni-Swim is compatible with your system and can be 100% solar-fueled.

With the Omni-Swim working for you, you can reduce your pool-heating costs by up to 75%. You’ll also have a system that uses less plumbing, equipment, and electricity. Put it all together – cost savings, green energy, dependability, and system efficiency – and we think you’ll also find the Omni-Swim is the right system for your pool.

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