How to Choose the Right Solar Energy Company

When it comes to choosing a company that installs solar energy systems, there are a few common mistakes that people make.

  • Going cheap. The cheapest option does not guarantee a quality product. It’s a way for a company to make a quick sale and then move on. You’ll likely never hear from them again when you need your system serviced.
  • Trusting a friendly door-to-door salesman. Some companies will hire a sales force on the cheap to find customers. If someone knocks on your door to sell you on anything, a big red flag should go up.Sure, it may seem like a convenience to not have to do any research on your own and just trust a smiling face. However, we recommend avoiding salesmen who knock on your door and don’t have any facts to back up their claims (like “solar is free” or some other such nonsense).These door knockers may be very friendly, but that doesn’t mean the product or company they represent is high quality. You’ll usually know who you’re dealing with because they don’t have in-depth knowledge of solar energy systems.Instead, they will set up an appointment for you to speak to the company’s high-pressure salesmen, who try to force you into making a quick decision.
  • Saying yes because of high-pressure tactics. If someone says “sign this contract now to get this great deal,” run. While there may be tax advantages to installing a system in 2022, you shouldn’t feel obligated by a solar energy company to agree right now to an installation.

How to Select the Right Solar Company

Research is essential when selecting a solar company. You don’t have to spend hours on end; just a few minutes for a few days should work as long as you know what to look for:

  • Do they have an office? Companies without an office or website can be crossed off your list of candidates.
  • Are they skilled in the details of quality solar installation? One common problem we see all the time is a lack of quality. New customers will complain that it is costing them more utility bills than prior to installing solar. Typically, this is due to the fact that the “knock on your door” salesman is not an expert in the field, and they quoted the customer the wrong-sized system.

But once the panels are attached to your roof, the system is yours.  If the system doesn’t work properly or isn’t the right size for your home, you have to deal with it.

However, it will be almost impossible to have the installer return to the job to make it right because most of the “companies/installers” would have already left town to move onto the next set of customers. The only solution at that point is to call another solar company to fix their problem.

  • Do they fully understand your utility’s rates and how you are to be credited for the solar energy you generate? Ask every candidate to show you examples of installations similar to yours, along with proof of lower utility bills. Electricity providers like Duke Energy and Tampa Electric offer net-metering programs.
  • Do they get good reviews? Look for testimonials on their website, as well as customer feedback on Google and sites like Yelp.
  • Are they licensed and insured? Ask each candidate to show you their qualifications in writing. You can then verify their license on the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation website.

Also, be sure to get a handful of quotes in writing, including a detailed description of the work being proposed.

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