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Introducing Omni-Swim®

The first heat pump solar system that will keep your pool warm year-round.

Get the Omni-Swim®

Direct Solar Thermal

Preheat your pool or spa water with solar panels connected to the Omni-Swim® system which reduces the solar heat pump’s runtime.

Indirect Solar Thermal

Ambient air is heated by the sun, then the Omni-Swim® transfers the warmth of that solar-heated air to your pool or spa.

Solar Electric

Do you already have Solar Electric on your home? If so, it’s possible for Omni-Swim® to become a 100% solar-fueled pool heater.

Save Money, Live Green, Swim Warm.

Omni-Swim® takes full advantage of the sun’s endless energy.  Heat your residential or commercial pool at a fraction of the cost of traditional pool heating systems.

Enjoy the benefits of year-round swimming and cut your pool heating costs by 75% with:

  • Less equipment
  • Less plumbing
  • Less electrical usage

Set up a complimentary consultation with one of our experts today and get the Omni-Swim® for your pool.