Do Your Solar Panels Need to Be Replaced?

A well-installed system solar panel will last for many years. You generally do not have to worry about the elements damaging the panels. But, as solar energy systems age there may be maintenance needed.

Solar panels convert the energy of the sun into electricity that powers your home, appliances, and devices. When you go solar, you’re reducing your carbon footprint by relying on clean, renewable energy. You’re also saving money on your electric bills. The key to continue those savings is making sure your solar panels are in top condition. In this article, we’ll help you identify whether your solar panels need to be repaired or maintained, and when they need to be replaced.

How to tell if your solar panels aren’t working right

Your photovoltaic system may be working fine, but the weather and your energy usage will affect how much excess energy you are given credit for by your electric company. Here are some more reliable signs of a suboptimal system:

  • You see an orange or red light on your inverter
  • The kilowatt hours on your solar meter aren’t increasing
  • Your solar panels have cracks in them

Only an inspection by a licensed provider like Florida Solar can tell you for sure what the issue is with your system.

When your solar panels need repairs or maintenance

In some cases, solar panels will show visible signs of damage. But, if your solar panels show no outward signs of damage, here are a few reasons they might be underperforming:

  • Dirty panels. Panels can quickly underperform when covered with pollen, leaves, pine needles, and sap. If your solar panels are dirty, don’t try to clean them yourself. Call Florida Solar to handle this delicate work.
  • The angle of your panels. If your panels weren’t installed correctly, they won’t receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. This may explain the lack of power, and our technicians will be able to see if this is the case.

If you suspect one or more of these to be an issue, or you think your system’s performance has fallen well below what it had been generating, please let us know. 

Call Florida Solar for a free inspection of your solar panels

Let Florida Solar do the work for you and do it right the first time. We’ll give you trustworthy advice on whether a system is worth fixing or replacing.

We’ll inspect your entire system and clean your panels if necessary to restore them to their proper operating condition. Keep in mind that prevention is the best pathway to a long-lasting system, and there’s no team better to trust than the dedicated experts at Florida Solar.

Contact us online or call us at 727-877-3175 to talk to us about the details on our maintenance package. We’re available to listen to your concerns and schedule a time to inspect your system and put your mind at ease.

Why Aren’t My Solar Panels Working Right?

If you already have solar power feeding your home, congratulations. You’ve invested in a resource that, over the long-term, will likely save on your electric bills. You’ll also be doing your part as we all try to help the environment by relying more on clean sources of energy like the sun.

However, there may be times when your panels aren’t delivering as expected. Maybe your panels are newly installed but aren’t performing as well as promised. Perhaps you’ve had the system for a while and now you’ve noticed a drop-off.

How to know your solar panels aren’t working

Many homeowners will decide they have a problem after looking at their electric bill. However, this is unreliable. For one thing, your photovoltaic system may be working fine, but a combination of weather and your energy usage will factor into how much excess energy you are given credit for by your electric company. Also keep in mind that your bill won’t tell you how much your system generated for use in your home.

Some more accurate signs of a faulty system include:

  • An orange or red light on your inverter
  • The kilowatt hours on your solar meter aren’t increasing
  • Cracks in the solar panels. This will negatively impact their ability to generate power.

What causes solar panels to stop working effectively?

Besides panels that have been physically damaged, here are some factors that may cause panels to underperform:

  • Dirty panels. In Florida, we got a lot of rain to wash away the dirt and grime that can build up on panels. But there are those dry spells we go through now and then, especially during the winter months. In a short amount of time, things like pollen, leaves, pine needles, and sap can cover the panels and prevent them from working effectively.
  • Cloudy days. If the sun’s rays are being partially blocked, don’t expect your system to work at peak performance.
  • The angle of your panels. A professional should have installed your panels so that they receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. Poor installation may explain the lack of power.

If you suspect one or more of these to be an issue, or you think your system’s performance has fallen well below what it had been generating, please let us now.

Call Florida Solar for a free inspection of your system

Your solar energy system will never be 100% efficient. But if it’s performing well below what you were promised or should reasonably expect, it’s time for an inspection.

If you can tell that your solar panels are dirty, don’t try to clean them yourself. This is a delicate process and you may end up causing more damage.

Also, if you’re not sure your inverter if working right, contact us now at Florida Solar to discuss your repair options. We can provide you a full inspection of your system to put your mind at ease. We’ll also clean your panels and restore them to proper operating condition.

For those of you who are current Florida Solar customers, have you had your yearly checkup? Even if your system is working perfectly – and we expect it will be! – an annual inspection is the best way to ensure it stays that way.

Contact us online or call us at 727-877-3175. Our experts are available to listen to your concerns and schedule a time to inspect your system and put your mind at ease.

Are You Maintaining Your Solar Systems?

As with most things we own and care about, maintenance is key to a valuable asset that remains functioning in top condition for many years. You’ve invested in your solar energy system to save you money. Let’s take a look at the ways Florida Solar and its experts will help ensure your system is reliably delivering the benefits you expect.

Why solar maintenance is important

Residential and commercial solar systems require periodic inspections and routine solar maintenance to keep them operating at maximum efficiency. If wires fail, or if power surge has damaged some part of your system, you might or might not be aware of it.

Don’t leave the integrity of your investment to chance. We highly recommend a complete annual inspection to ensure your system is in top operating condition. From the solar panels – which can lose their efficiency as dirt and debris accumulates – to the wiring and sensors, there’s an array of components that need to work at high efficiency to maximize your energy independence.

Solar pool heat system tune-up

When you work with Florida Solar, you can expect a thorough inspection of your solar pool heat system. For this service package, our technicians will:

  • Check for leaks
  • Check all controller modes
  • Test both solar sensors
  • Check motor valve
  • Check roof mounts for sealant
  • Check VRV for air in system
  • Check panels for flow and hot spots
  • Check all low voltage wire
  • Check binding straps for panels
  • Check roof lags for rust
  • Check and tighten all stainless clamps
  • Check all threaded fittings into pump and filter

Solar electric system tune-up

If your solar electric system isn’t functioning as intended, you’re missing out on savings. During this service, our certified professionals will:

  • Check mounting hardware
  • Check inverter operation
  • Check all wiring
  • Check all connections

The saying goes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Keep that in mind as you consider the benefits of a yearly maintenance checkup. For less than you would spend on a cup of coffee each day, you’ll have the peace of mind that your system has been carefully looked at and is ready to provide high value.

Keep your solar energy system at peak performance

You may not be seeing any issues with your solar-powered system. Let’s keep it that way. If you haven’t had your solar energy or pool heat system looked at, it’s never too early for a professional inspection. Learn more about our solar maintenance packages.

Ten Tips to Help you Find a Trustworthy Solar Installer

Interested in making the next step towards solar power, but you aren’t sure where to start? Choosing the right solar installer is a confusing time for most first time solar buyers, don’t worry though, we are here to guide you with ten tips to help you find the perfect and trustworthy solar installer for your home.

Tip 1: Check Local options

Find the options in your area. A local professional should know the best solar options, laws, policies, and regulations in your area. See how long each company has worked in solar in your region. 

Tip 2: Check Testimonials

What do clients have to say about their work? Do they have any local clients that will give you a person to person review? What previous clients who have dealt with a company you are looking into in the past may be one of the best indicators of a truly trustworthy and reliable solar company.

Tip 3: Check their Knowledge

Do they have plenty of knowledge on regional laws and policies? Make sure they are up to date on rules implemented in your area and they aren’t afraid to go into detail when you ask directed questions on the topic.

Tip 4: Ensure they are Licensed and Bonded

All trustworthy solar installers are licensed and bonded, ask for proof before you move forward with any solar company. 

Tip 5: The Crews Knowledge

We encourage you to talk to the crew that will be doing the installations, not just the sales team. See their experience on solar and installations in your region.

Tip 6: See if they Outsource

Do they do their work or do they outsource? 

Step 7: Check Financing Options

Do they have financing options to make your solar investment work for your budget and timeline? One of the first steps we recommend is checking if the solar company you have interest in working with offers financing. 

Step 8: Check the Warranty 

Many solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year production warranty guaranteeing that their solar panels will continue to generate electricity. Make sure you check the warranty you would be protected by before you invest in a system.

Tip 9: Try to Build a Trust with your Installer

Investing in solar is a big step, and it is vital to take that step with someone you can trust to do quality, reliable work and that will be there for you past the time of installation. Make sure you can develop reliable and effective lines of communication so that your installer can ease you through every step.

Tip 10: Check Overall Value

Are you getting a quality solar system installed by a reliable installer while also getting a good deal? You should be finding a solar company that meets your standards and can pass this tip list with a breeze. Don’t settle for less when it comes to an investment that will be with you for decades to come.

One way to ensure an extra good value on solar right now is to choose solar before the end of 2020 and you can receive the 26% tax credit currently offered. If you want to learn more about this tax credit click here (link to tax credit info) or contact us at Florida Solar today.

Hopefully these ten tips help you feel more comfortable taking your next step towards solar, if you have any questions about any of these tips or would like more information on our services contact us today at or 727-300-1515.