Solar Maintenance In St. Petersburg & Clearwater, Florida (FL)

Solar Maintenance Solar Pool Heat System Clearwater, FL

Already have a solar heating system? It may be time for a solar maintenance checkup!

Solar systems require periodic inspections and routine solar maintenance to keep them operating efficiently. Also, from time to time, components may need repair or replacement. Florida Solar, Inc. services all manufacturers including Aquatherm Industries, EcoSun, Ultra Swim, SunLite, Fafco, Sunsaver, Sunsaver ST, Revolution, Heliocol, Solar Hydronics Corp, Nuvis, Swimmaster, Hi-Tec, Techno-Solis panels and more. A yearly inspection, to ensure your system is in top operating condition is highly recommended.

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Solar Pool Heat System Tune-Up: Only $89.95!

  1. Check for leaks
  2. Check all controller modes
  3. Test both solar sensors
  4. Check motor valve
  5. Check roof mounts for sealant
  6. Check VRV for air in system
  7. Check panels for flow and hot spots
  8. Check all low voltage wire
  9. Check binding straps for panels
  10. Check roof lags for rust
  11. Check and tighten all stainless clamps
  12. Check all threaded fittings into pump and filter

Solar Hot Water Heater Tune-Up: Only $99.95!

  1. Check tank
  2. Check pump
  3. Check freeze valve
  4. Check air valve
  5. Check back up element
  6. Check pipe insulation
  7. Check panel operation
  8. Check all lags in roof
  9. Flush tank

Solar Electric SystemTune-Up: Only $249.95!

  1. Check mounting hardware
  2. Check inverter operation
  3. Check all wiring
  4. Check all connections

Repairs are an additional cost.