Ten Tips to Help you Find a Trustworthy Solar Installer

Interested in making the next step towards solar power, but you aren’t sure where to start? Choosing the right solar installer is a confusing time for most first time solar buyers, don’t worry though, we are here to guide you with ten tips to help you find the perfect and trustworthy solar installer for your home.

Tip 1: Check Local options

Find the options in your area. A local professional should know the best solar options, laws, policies, and regulations in your area. See how long each company has worked in solar in your region. 

Tip 2: Check Testimonials

What do clients have to say about their work? Do they have any local clients that will give you a person to person review? What previous clients who have dealt with a company you are looking into in the past may be one of the best indicators of a truly trustworthy and reliable solar company.

Tip 3: Check their Knowledge

Do they have plenty of knowledge on regional laws and policies? Make sure they are up to date on rules implemented in your area and they aren’t afraid to go into detail when you ask directed questions on the topic.

Tip 4: Ensure they are Licensed and Bonded

All trustworthy solar installers are licensed and bonded, ask for proof before you move forward with any solar company. 

Tip 5: The Crews Knowledge

We encourage you to talk to the crew that will be doing the installations, not just the sales team. See their experience on solar and installations in your region.

Tip 6: See if they Outsource

Do they do their work or do they outsource? 

Step 7: Check Financing Options

Do they have financing options to make your solar investment work for your budget and timeline? One of the first steps we recommend is checking if the solar company you have interest in working with offers financing. 

Step 8: Check the Warranty 

Many solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year production warranty guaranteeing that their solar panels will continue to generate electricity. Make sure you check the warranty you would be protected by before you invest in a system.

Tip 9: Try to Build a Trust with your Installer

Investing in solar is a big step, and it is vital to take that step with someone you can trust to do quality, reliable work and that will be there for you past the time of installation. Make sure you can develop reliable and effective lines of communication so that your installer can ease you through every step.

Tip 10: Check Overall Value

Are you getting a quality solar system installed by a reliable installer while also getting a good deal? You should be finding a solar company that meets your standards and can pass this tip list with a breeze. Don’t settle for less when it comes to an investment that will be with you for decades to come.

One way to ensure an extra good value on solar right now is to choose solar before the end of 2020 and you can receive the 26% tax credit currently offered. If you want to learn more about this tax credit click here (link to tax credit info) or contact us at Florida Solar today.

Hopefully these ten tips help you feel more comfortable taking your next step towards solar, if you have any questions about any of these tips or would like more information on our services contact us today at sales@floridasolar.solar or 727-300-1515.