Already Have Solar Panels? Heat Your Pool!

Because you live in Florida, you can enjoy warm weather for most of the year. You’re glad you just have to walk a few feet to your backyard for a refreshing dip in the pool.

By using a pool heater, you can enjoy the water just the same when it’s otherwise too cold to get in.  You can also heat the temperature to a level that you prefer regardless of the time of year.

There’s a way to do this in a way that’s cost-effective and better for the environment. If you have solar panels on your home, you can heat your pool for a fraction of the cost of a traditional electricity-powered pool heater.

Using solar to heat your pool

The Omni-Swim® Hybrid Solar Pool Heat Pump can be powered by the sun as well as your regular electricity service. The Omni-Swim Hybrid Solar Pool Heat Pump can heat your pool using three methods:

  • Direct solar thermal: Using this method, you preheat your pool or spa water with solar panels connected to the Omni-Swim system. Doing this reduces the pump’s run time, saving you money.
  • Solar electric: If your home is already being powered by solar electric, the Omni-Swim can warm your pool or spa water as a 100% solar-fueled pool heater.
  • Indirect solar thermal: The sun heats the air, then the Omni-Swim transfers the warmth of that solar-heated air to your pool or spa.

We are pleased to announce that Florida Solar is an authorized dealer for the Omni-Swim, and we are ready to bring its benefits to your home.

Heat your pool with solar power and the Omni-Swim

Whether you’re swimming or just relaxing in the water, the Omni-Swim makes it possible at a much lower price than all-electric-powered pool heaters. When you heat your pool or spa water with the Omni-Swim, you are using less water and less electricity. You also need less plumbing, a feature that makes the Omni-Swim easy to install. Fast installation means you can start enjoying water at a comfortable temperature.

Call Florida Solar to bring solar powered heat to your pool

You have solar panels to save on electricity. Bring those saving to your pool or spa so you can enjoy them all year-round without overspending on heating.

Another reason the Omni-Swim is a great choice for heating your pool: It’s built to last. Contact us online or call us at 727-877-3175 for a free quote. Our experts are ready to answer your questions and put you on the path to comfortable year-round swimming.