Omni-Swim® Hybrid Pool Heating System

One of the pleasures of living in Florida is the ability to enjoy the water for most of the year. And if you have a pool, spa, or both, a water-heating system can make them a year-round pleasure – even on those days that dip into chilly temperatures.

Pool heating systems have long been a staple of those who need to relax or get their daily laps while it’s cold enough for a jacket or who just prefer warmer water. With the Omni-Swim Hybrid Pool Heating System, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool or spa 365 days of the year at just a fraction of the cost that comes with a traditional heating system.

How the Omni-Swim Hybrid Pool Heating System Works

At Florida Solar, we think of the Omni-Swim the future of pool heating. That’s because it includes a heat pump and solar panels that work together. The result is the most efficient pool system on the market.
• Direct solar thermal power: By using the Omni-Swim’s solar panels, you’re able to preheat your water.
• Indirect solar thermal power: When the sun heats up the air, the Omni-Swim transfers that warmth to your pool or spa
• Solar electric: If you’re already using solar energy to power your home, the Omni-Swim can be fueled entirely by your photo-voltaic system.

While traditional solar panels can heat your pool eight months a year, the Omni-Swim does things a little differently. When the sun isn’t able to sufficiently heat your pool in the winter months, the Omni-Swim can. Its heat pump will complete the heating process until the water reaches your desired temperature.

How the Omni-Swim Hybrid Saves You Money (and helps you go GREEN)

We know that when we use less electricity, we’re doing more than impacting our bottom line. We’re doing what’s right for our environment. So what makes the Omni-Swim the green choice that’s kind to your budget? Let’s look at three design features that drive its value:
• Less equipment: With its integrated diverter value and rear solar feed and return ports, the Omni-Swim is the first pool heating designed for solar.
• Less plumbing: The Omni-Swim has two sets of water in/out ports, making it easy to install on either side of the equipment pad. No need for extra plumbing around the unit.
• Less use of electricity: The key is its direct solar thermal power. By preheating with the solar panels, you reduce the electricity required from the heat pump to complete the heating process. Not only will you heat your pool year-round, you’ll be doing it cost-effectively. Using the Omni-Swim can cut your pool-heating expenses by as much as 75 percent below what you might currently pay.

Why the Omni-Swim the Only Choice for Your Pool or Spa

The Omni-Swim is the right choice for residential and commercial applications. Not only because of the efficiency and money savings, but because it’s built to last. It includes a best-in-class titanium shell and advanced tube heat exchanger technology, so you’ll be enjoying your pool or spa all year long for many years to come.

Choose Florida Solar for Your Pool and Spa Heating

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