Is Hybrid Solar Pool Heat the Most Effective Pool Heat Option?

Ninety-nine percent of people check the water before jumping into a pool, even in the sunshine state there are only four months out of the year a swimming pool is pleasant without any type of heating. Adding heating to your pool is maximizing your investment, allowing you to use it year-round.

Why don’t many homeowners enjoy heating their pool? The answer is easy, it’s expensive and not always efficient. Strictly electric pool heating can be quite costly, adding high prices to your energy bill due. On the other hand full solar heat is only effective 8 months of the year, even in the sunshine state, meaning you still can’t comfortably enjoy your pool for 4 months of the year.

So how do you find a system that overcomes these massive issues? The Omni-Swim Hybrid heat pump takes the best of both these pool heating options and combines them. Omni-Swim has many unique benefits, such as cutting your pool heat costs roughly 75%. The Omni-Swim works for spa heat too, not only pools!

Is Omni-Swim a financially viable choice? Absolutely! With solar technology developing and evolving, the cost of investing in solar systems is suitable for nearly all homeowners now. Additionally Florida Solar does offer financing to help you through every step of owning your solar system, start to install to finish.

Using the Omni-Swim is the most efficient way to heat your pool, saving you energy costs and using as much solar energy as available, there is no doubt that the Omni-Swim is the next big thing in pool heat. This new technology is available through Florida Solar, who is proud to be the exclusive Florida dealer of this system. For more information about the most efficient pool and spa heating available, contact Florida Solar today 727-513-5254 or