The Future of Pool Heat is Here – Omni-Swim Hybrid-Solar Heat Pump

The world’s first pool heat pump designed with solar in mind is here, and it is changing the pool heating industry, and it is the Omni-Swim. Traditional solar panels are great, but they are only able to heat your pool for two-thirds of the year, leaving four entire months where you can’t fully enjoy your pool. Sure you could use a traditional heat pump, but they are substantially more costly to run. That’s where Omni-Swim comes in and combines the best of both worlds.

How Does Omni-Swim Work?

Omni-Swim works by making your pool heat pump and solar work together. When solar has enough energy, that is the primary source of heat for your pool. However, when solar doesn’t provide enough energy to keep your pool warm, Omni-Swim steps up to the plate and heats your pool the rest of the way!

Where Does Omni-Swim Get its Energy?

Omni-Swim harvests the endless energy the sun provides in three unique ways. First is through direct solar thermal energy, taking the energy from the sunlight. Secondly through indirect solar thermal, meaning Omni-Swim can take energy from the solar-heated air to help heat your pool. Last but not least is through Solar Electric, meaning if you have a photo-voltaic solar electric system, Omni-Swim can work as a 100% solar-fueled heater for your pool.

What Benefits does Omni-Swim Provide?

Omni-Swim is the first of its kind, that’s is why Bill Park of Florida Solar stated confidently, “Omni-Swim will change the future of pool heating.” With a statement like that, you just know Omni Swim is something special.

  • Less equipment and less plumbing. Omni-Swim is pre-plumbed with two sets of water in and out ports allow installation on either side of the equipment without needing to plumb around the unit.
  • Omni Swim cuts costs. Your electrical costs for pool heat will decrease by about 75%!
  • High quality and efficiency. Omni Swim is hydraulically-efficient compatible with two-speed and variable speed and flow pumps. The unit also utilizes a titanium shell and top of the line tube heat exchanger technology.

In short Omni-Swim, the world’s first Hybrid-Solar heat pump allows you to enjoy your pool or spa year-round while being energy and cost efficient. This makes Omni-Swim an optimal choice for homeowners, vacation property owners, and commercial properties. You can’t go wrong with Omni-Swim. 

Where Can You Get Omni-Swim Hybrid-Solar Heat Pump?

The Omni-Swim unit is sold in the state of Florida exclusively by Florida Solar. If you are interested or would like to learn more about how a hybrid-solar heat pump can benefit you, contact Florida Solar anytime at or (727) 300-1515.