Omni-Swim: The Hybrid Pool Heating Solution That’s Cost-Effective

Omni-Swim: The Hybrid Pool Heating Solution That’s Cost-EffectiveHaving a pool in Florida can mean instant access to relaxation, exercise, and physical therapy. But that enjoyment depends on the cooperation of the weather. Even though our temperatures stay warm enough most of the year, for about three months, using your pool isn’t an option. But you can get back to enjoying your pool year-round when you have an economical heating system.

The Difference between Omni-Swim, Solar Pool Heat, and a Heat Pump

Not all pool heating systems are alike. Traditional solar panels are convenient and can be very efficient when it comes to warming the water. But they can only heat your pool or spa nine months out of the year. A heat pump works all 12 months, but it’s very expensive to run.Omni-Swim bridges these two systems to create a hybrid that works for you year-round, but at a fraction of the energy cost you’d spend using a traditional heat pump. That’s because it’s made with solar in mind. When your pool is heated by the Omni-Swim, you can run it 12 months out of the year and pay less that you would with a heat pump.The Omni-Swim takes advantage of the sun’s power in three ways:

  • Direct solar thermal. Omni-Swim works solar thermal collectors, which preheat pool or spa water and reduce the heat pump’s runtime.
  • Indirect solar thermal. Omni-Swim transfer heat from the air to your pool.
  • Solar electric. Already have a photovoltaic system? The Omni-Swim can heat your pool or spa while being entirely fueled by solar.

BecauseFlorida Solaroffers the Omni-Swim Hybrid Pool Heating System, you can enjoy your pool or spa every day of the year at a fraction of the cost that comes with a traditional heating system.

Advantages of Omni-Swim Pool Heating System

The Omni-Swim includes a heat pump and solar panels that work together. The result is the most efficient pool heating system on the market. Its benefits include:

  • Less equipment
  • Less plumbing
  • Less energy usage

Let us connect the Omni-Swim to your pool, and you’ll be swimming without limits.GET A CUSTOM QUOTE

Rely on Florida Solar to heat your pool

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