How to Estimate Your Savings When Switching to Solar

When we invest in something – a home, a car, a new appliance — we expect a return that we can quantify in financial and intangible terms. With that in mind, for this article we think it appropriate to offer a clear explanation of one of the homeowner investments that can deliver big returns: solar energy systems. After helping you understand what they are, we’ll look at their benefits and the financial savings you can expect when you add solar power to your home.

What are solar energy systems?

Residential solar energy systems collect sunlight and convert it into usable energy through photovoltaic panels – the ones you see on roofs. That energy can then be converted to create the electricity you need to power your home, including appliances, electronics, devices, and heating and cooling systems. The energy that isn’t used immediately can be stored in batteries. And because solar energy has the sun as its source, it is endlessly renewable.

The benefits of installing a solar system

Back to this idea of a return on investment. Just on these accounts, solar energy has many benefits for the homeowner, including:

  • Cost savings. The more you use solar power, the less you have to pay the rates for consuming electricity from your electric company.
  • It’s clean. It reduces the amount of air pollution. The more we move away from fossil fuels, the fewer pollutants we expel into the air. When we go solar, we are going “green.”
  • It’s renewable and sustainable. While fossil fuels are nonrenewable, a solar energy system replenishes itself naturally and will not run out.
  • It Increases your home’s value. As we’ve noted before, research shows that homes with solar panels sell for about four percent (4%) more in Florida than those without.

Discover your solar savings with Florida Solar

Our experts at Florida Solar are ready to talk about your energy goals. We will help you determine your estimated savings when you make the move to solar power. Factors that influence your savings include:

  • Hours of direct sunlight
  • Angle and size of your roof
  • Size of the system
  • Amount of power you need in your home
  • Number of solar panels

Call us at 727-300-1515 for a consultation about how much you can save on your current electric bill when you make the move to solar power. Our experts are available to assess your needs and answer your questions about energy savings, operating costs, and installation costs. We’ll help you determine the best solar panels for your home and how many you need. With Florida Solar on your side, you’ll have right solution for your family.