Do Solar Panels Boost Your Home’s Value? – YES!

Your home’s value is a critical part of your financial well-being. You expect to reap significant rewards from the amount you invested – possibly to sell the home, and possibly to keep it in the family.That’s why you take care of your house. It’s why you spend your time and money on the upgrades that boost its value.Consider solar panels as an essential value creator that puts your finances to good use. In today’s article we’ll look at the ability for solar panels to increase the worth of your Florida home.

Solar panels increase your home’s value

On this site, we’ve shared information about solar power and its benefits, which include an increase in property values. Research by Zillow, the online real estate marketplace, bears this out. As reported by CNBC:“Installing solar panels in a home not only helps to reduce current monthly utility bills; it can potentially increase the home’s value by up to 4.1% more than comparable homes with no solar panels.”That same article also ranks the top 10 states with the highest resale premiums once solar panels are factored in. Florida, as you would expect, is among those states. Homes in the Sunshine State with solar panels sell for 4% more than those without. It stands to reason that larger homes that have been well maintained will see larger boosts to their value. And since bigger homes are those that use greater amounts of energy, a solar installation is financially wise on both counts.

Make the move to solar today

Solar panels are more than just eco-friendly – a worthy cause on its own. They are also a smart long-term investment because of how much they lower your energy costs. And as we’ve explained before, the federal solar tax credit makes going solar very affordable. To these benefits you can add a home that will be worth more by the time you’re ready to sell.Florida Solar has over 40 years of experience installing residential and commercial solar panels. Whether you are a homeowner right now or about to become one, contact us to schedule a free solar savings consultation. We’ll help you calculate your potential savings and be your one reliable source for everything you need.Call us at 727-300-1515. Our experts are available to explain the assessment and installation processes, so you understand how quickly and easily you can start adding to your home’s equity.