Solar Pool Heating In St. Petersburg & Clearwater, Florida (FL)

Solar Pool Heating St. Petersburg, FL

“Solar Pool heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy.”

Solar Pool heating has many major advantages compared to gas, electric and even the most efficient heat pump:

  • Most efficient and cost effective way to heat your pool saving you hundreds of dollars;
  • The sun’s energy is free, clean and plentiful in the sunshine state all year round;
  • Your swim season will triple so you can take full advantage of your investment;

Solar pool heating is best for those pool owners seeking the most environmentally friendly heating solution. If you are interested in going “clean and green”, solar is the way to go.

aquathermFlorida Solar is a Master Dealer for Aquatherm which is the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar pool heating systems. Due to the quality and dependability of their products Aquatherm has become the most trusted name in the industry. This company is an ISO 9001:2008 registered and the preeminent leader in polymer technologies for solar heating applications. It is the only U.S. manufacturer of solar pool heaters to meet the strict safety, durability and toxicity testing of the National Sanitation Foundation’s Standard 50.

Solar Pool Heating is Dependable.

Earlier solar heater designs were constructed of copper!  This did not react well with pool water.  Today, all commercially available solar pool heaters are made out black plastic – the most popular of which is polypropylene.  Polypropylene is the material of choice for a number of reasons, such as resistance to corrosion and UV radiation. By using pre-compounded plastic resin, we can ensure an even distribution of these antioxidants throughout the entire solar panel.