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Solar energy systems, solar hot water heaters, and more.

What Does Going Solar Really Mean?

Solar home systems has many names that all mean the same thing. Solar photovoltaic, or PV systems, can also be known as solar panel systems, solar energy systems, or solar power systems.

The bottom line is they all do the same thing, they convert sunlight into electricity. You can use the electricity generated by your solar PV system to power your home, your business or even your car.

Solar Energy Services

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Why Switch to Solar Electric?

Whether it’s your solar panels or pool system, we can help fix it.

Lower Electric Bills

Savings from your new Solar Electric System will produce power when you need it and credit on your power bill when you don’t. You’ll see your electric bill going down and your monthly savings going up.

Clean & Renewable Energy

Solar energy is a renewable free source of energy that is sustainable and totally inexhaustible, unlike fossil fuels that are finite. Your system keeps producing energy with the sun’s help.

Increased Home Value

Installing solar panels on your home not only helps to reduce or even eliminate current monthly utility bills; it can increase your home’s value. Solar energy is a win-win investment!

The Florida Solar Company Difference

We are Florida’s leading solar pool heat and solar electric company, locally owned and operated.  We stand behind our products and service. We live here and are here to make sure you are satisfied for years to come.

“We purchased the Hybrid pool heater from FL Solar and couldn’t be happier!”

“Excellent customer service (booking, updates, ETAs), considerate, courteous, worked a straight 8 hour day, total revamp of pool system w/heat pump.”

“Amazing product, install team was excellent and informative. The whole site was cleaned up perfectly.”

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