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Keep Your Pool Warm and Your Electric Bill Low

Solar Heating is the most cost-effective use of solar energy.

Solar Pool Heaters have many major advantages compared to gas, electric and even the most efficient heat pump. They could save you hundreds of dollars year after year, for both residential and commercial applications.

Solar Heating Systems Have Many strengths:

Hybrid Solar Pool Heat on Roof

Environmentally Friendly – Pool owners seeking the most environmentally friendly heating solution will appreciate solar pool heating. The sun’s energy is free, clean and plentiful in the Florida, the sunshine state, all year round.

Convenient – Your swim season will triple when you take full advantage the efficiency of solar pool heat. It’s a cost-effective way to heat your pool in the cooler months.

Dependable – Solar pool heat has improved over the years. Solar pool heater systems are now made out of plastic or polypropylene. By using these new materials, we can ensure a more consistent heating throughout your solar pool heating system.

Florida Solar is a Master Dealer for Aquatherm which is the largest U.S. manufacturer of solar pool heating systems due to the quality and dependability of their products.

Tired of the high electric bills to keep your pool warm?

Let the sun’s energy do the work. Save energy and money with a solar pool heat system.

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