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Pool Salt Systems

Perfect pool water, naturally.

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The Easy Way to Manage Your Pool

Use common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively, and automatically in your residential or commercial pool.

Our Pool Pilot® Digital Nano+ features include microprocessor controls with a digital read-out of pool water temperature, current salt level, purifier production level, and more.

It also tells you how much salt to add should it run low. The Nano+ will maintain pools up to 32,000 gallons with the PPC2 patented manifold. This 110/220V salt chlorine generator will maintain pools up to 32,000 gallons. And it’s just a simple installation away


Benefits of Pool Salt Systems

See why a pool salt system is a great choice for perfect pool water.

Never buy chlorine again
Simple to use
No more red eyes
No more itchy skin
Environmentally friendly
Automatic cell cleaning
No more damaged hair
No more vacation worries
Energy efficient
soft, silk-feeling water

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