Solar Attic Vent Fan Installation in St. Petersburg & Clearwater, Florida (FL)

Florida Solar installs Natural Light Solar Attic Vent Fan….The Better Choice…25 Year Product Warranty…Best in the industry solar attic vent fan…Hurricane Tested & Approved

Solar Attic Vent Fan St. Petersburg, FL

  • Improve your home and quality of life
  • Save money with free energy from the sun
  • Qualifies for the 30% Federal Tax Credit
  • Protect your home by extending the life of your roof and reducing the load on your HVAC system
  • Reduces moisture build-up in the attic
  • Increases fresh air circulation
  • Fan combines precision designed components with advanced engineering to produce a unit that far surpasses industry standards
  • Sleek, compact and quiet
  • Once installed unit is weather tight and maintenance free
  • Made in USA

Solar Attic Fans Operate Using Free Solar Energy

A solar attic fan is a simple way to add a motorized venting system to your home without needing any extra electrical wiring or structural changes. Natural Light Solar Attic Fans are manufactured using high-impact photovoltaic solar panels to power the fan for free all during the day.

Attic Venting Key Concepts

Attic ventilation is an important aspect of maintaining the structure of your home as well as saving energy. Improper attic venting can lead to moisture buildup that can cause mold growth and also cause wood rot.